Thanks to your Generosity, children in Honduras can access quality education, Better Opportunities, and their pathway to Self-reliance

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What we are doing?

  1. Contribute to a K-12 School Year in Land Bountiful School
  2. Join others in sponsoring a school year for a student
  3. Land Bountiful takes good care at kids not only learning English but getting ready for college and university online programs

  1. Full scholarship for a K-12 School Year in Land Bountiful School
  2. Support a family in their goal to overcome poberty throug education
  3. Land Bountiful School commits to follow up the journey until their goal of getting better opportunities is achieved

  1. English program for public school up-to 1000 students
  2. Through Imagine Language + Literacy
  3. Grupo Educar provides tools and qualified human resource to establish English programs to improve public education

Online Learning Tools & Programs
Former Students
Years in the Field

By giving, you are Contributing to both children's Education and job Opportunities for the community

  • Receive a Thank-You card by email and the warm feeling from helping others


  • "Having the blessing of helping someone this way is priceless. Not only the kid’s life changes but the whole family; their future will be different because of something small I can do."

    - L.P.
  • "Opportunity is key. Giving someone an opportunity makes me feel incredibly blessed. There is potential everywhere, I feel great to provide an opportunity to someone who is capable and in need of help, is such a blessing for me."

    - A.B.
  • "I cannot describe the feeling of gratitude I experience right now. I have been given the chance to succeed, I will have a great job, I will be able to provide for my family, and in the future, I will be able to support others to study too. If you are considering supporting a kid in their education, I say to you: Don’t hesitate. You will change a life"

    - Anonymous
  • "I feel gratitude to Heavenly Father. I think is a miracle that my child is able to receive such an opportunity to learn and prepare for a better future."

    - Anonymous